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#Review: Tutti Bimbi Weaning Kit

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 11-11-2015

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Weaning is one of the most exciting landmarks every baby goes through. That transition from living on milk alone to being introduced to a range of flavours, tastes and textures is a great experience for babies and parents to share. There’s a huge range of weaning products out there for parents to choose from but when Tutti Bimbi sent me there weaning kit recently, I was very excited to find something that would be usable well past those first weaning steps.

Now Little Dude is clearly well past the weaning stage. He’s 18 months old now and has been merrily eating everything for just over a year now. We attempted the same spoon feeding purees that we’d done with Little Man, but to no avail, so we went down the baby led weaning route which has worked really well for everyone. He eats pretty much everything we put in front of him, but is fiercely independent so meal times still remain rather messy as he’s insistent that he self feeds.

The Tutti Bimbi Weaning Kit consists of a nine hole freezer tray with lid, and two spoons. Its hardly the most high tech of kit, but it does so many different jobs. First of all it can be used for freezing precious breast milk. Moving on it can be used to freeze homemade purees and small portions of meals. When your little one reaches toddler age it can be used as a snack tray or for serving lunch. We use our tray for this every single day.

Little Dude’s lunch is presented to him in this tray every day, and I fill each pot with a different toddler friendly food. We’ve used things like grapes, blueberries, tiny sandwiches, pieces of cooked meat, crackers, cheese, pitta bread, and toddler biscuits. I don’t always achieve nine completely different foods, but Little Dude loves the sight of this tray on his table and enjoys the independence of effectively choosing his own food. Any that he doesn’t finish – and to be fair this is very rare – gets the lid popped back on and he can graze on it throughout the rest of the afternoon if he wishes.


When he outgrows using the tray like this, it’ll be heading back into the kitchen to be used for baking. It can be put in the over so will be ideal for making individual cakes with Little Dude, or even individual bread rolls. During the summer it could even be used to make homemade healthy fruit ice lollies for children of all ages.

This is a really versatile piece of kit. It’s really well made, nice and bright which I love, and will last for years. I can see this being a part of our kitchen for many many years to come. Head over to the Tutti Bimbi website to find out more about this product, and the rest of their range.

My New Office

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie, Information | Posted on 16-02-2015

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I’m sure I’m not the only blogger who spends most of their time working on their laptop on the sofa in the lounge. Whilst it may be the comfiest place for me to blog from – except perhaps led on the bed – its not the most convenient. Having no proper location for working makes the process that bit harder, with paperwork and notes often getting lost and misplaced, and reminders and deadlines being frequently missed. Living in a three bedroom house with no available spare rooms makes an office out of the question, but my husband made a suggestion for somewhere in the house which could be my work space, and whilst I thought he was slightly crazy when he initially made the suggestion, it is working really well.

Our kitchen has bench tops all the way around with cupboards fitted beneath most but not all of them. Under the section that doesn’t have cupboards you’ll find our kitchen bin, our Little Helper, and the vacuum cleaner. That stretch of bench is something of a dumping zone, with post, bags, shopping and letters from preschool generally get lost in the muddle. You’re probably thinking I’m not the tidiest of house wives and you’d be correct! “Stick your laptop on there and create a mini office. Obviously you’d have to tidy it first.” I suspected it was just a ploy to get me to tidy up but I went with in and decluttered before popping my laptop on the new clear bench and moving the kitchen phone next to it. Since then I’ve added a fab bar stool which I got for Christmas – blogging stood up is not comfy at all – and there is always a vase – okay giant jam jar – of flowers to brighten the place up a bit. Yes there’s still piles of paperwork but the rule is that if its on the desk its important so I keep track of what’s there and I’m yet to lose anything in the carnage. I think.

The great thing about my new office is that my laptop is permanently turned on so I can dip in and out of blogging when I get chance, and I can look things up or reply to emails whilst I make dinner or cups of tea. I can’t blog to any kind of schedule anymore as Little Dude doesn’t understand the concept of a routine, but this setup means that when I do get time to myself, whether it be 5 minutes or one of the rare two hour naps he takes, I’m ready to go.

The bad thing about this setup however is that I’m in the kitchen. Now whilst that’s handy for cups of tea, its also a little too handy for food and I’ve been finding myself grazing as I blog. The biscuit tin is a little to handy and this isn’t helping my vague resolution to watch what I eat and start exercising ever. I decided that what I needed was an office snack box. Something I could pop on my desk – somewhere around the clutter – and fill it with healthy things to eat whilst I sit here. So I went on the hunt for healthy snacks that didn’t taste like cardboard, but aren’t too strict. I’m after a balanced healthy diet. I’m not necessarily looking to count calories and all that – I just don’t have the time to worry about everything I eat and double check whether I’ve enough points left in the day to enjoy it guilt free. Luckily for me the new Good & Counted range of snacks from Asda was on hand to provide me with tasty treats.

The Good & Counted range include a selection of tasty lentil crisps in some really interesting flavours. I was sent a multipack of their Flavours of the Mediterranean and Flavours of Asia to test out, along with some Savoury Popcorn to try out. My favourites have to be the Mediterranean lentil crisps. They’re nice and crunchy which I like in my crisps, but the flavours are also delicious. I think the Seasalt & Summer Herb were the nicest. The Flavours of Asia sounded a bit odd to me, but they were also reasonably tasty. The popcorn was a bit of a disappointment. I found them to be a bit small and hard and the flavours weren’t all that nice. The snack range also includes more traditional crisps, rice cakes, cereal bars and crispbreads which I think I’ll be popping on to my next online shop and adding to my snack box.


So with my box – okay pile, but I will get a box – of healthy snacks and my new found love of hula hooping my New Years resolutions aren’t off to a bad start. Of course there’s still chocolate biscuits lurking in nearby cupboards and sneaky cakes in a tin of the shelf next to me, but I guess that’s just a hazard of having your laptop set up next to your KitchenAid.

Where do you blog?

Review: Walkers #MightyLites

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie, Product Reviews | Posted on 28-08-2013

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I’m a bit of a crisp addict. Always have been. Tubes of Pringles or Share Size bags of Doritos were never much of an effort, but obviously not a good idea. The typical healthy crisps generally didn’t taste of anything, certainly not what  they claimed to anyway. Whilst I have recently discovered and become addicted to Special K Cracker Crisps and the delicious Walkers Hoops and Crosses I am always on the look out for something new, something that tastes remotely like traditional crisps. When the team at Walkers got in touch with the offer of some of their brand new Mighty Lites I jumped at the chance to test them out.

walkers mighty lites

Mighty Lites come in three flavours – Lightly Salted, Roast Chicken and Cheese & Onion. They are ridged crisps and contain 30% less fat than standard crisps. They are made from REAL potatoes, are a source of fibre and contain no artificial colours or preservatives, so they are being targeted as ideal for children’s lunch boxes what with the new school year just around the corner. I am a big fan of the idea of healthy crisps as long as they taste nice. Like I said most healthy crisps taste nothing like crisps, generally having a slightly cardboard flavour to them which is hugely unappealing. I don’t have lunch boxes to worry about just yet, but I like having something in as a treat for Little Man that is still fairly healthy, and that can be taken on days out or picnics too.

We received a 6-pack of each flavour to try out. Little Man has inherited mummy’s love of crisps so was very excited when I opened this box! Needless to say a packet was opened pretty soon afterwards and we shared some Lightly Salted crisps with our lunch. Little Man polished his share off and then set to work on mine, so clearly he’s a fan. I can also report that I too loved them. The ridges hold the flavour in which ensures they taste delicious, but they also look like proper crisps. They are crunchy not chewy, and a bag full is very satisfying. The Roast Chicken flavour was probably my favourite, benefiting from tasting like chicken which can be rare for flavoured crisps. I gave the Cheese & Onion to my parents as I’m not a fan of that flavour and they were very impressed too.

Overall I’m impressed. Healthy delicious crisps that are suitable for the whole family. The only thing that concerns me about these crisps – and to be honest more crisps – are the words “Suitable For Vegetarians” which you’ll find on the back of all three flavours. Yes, even the Roast Chicken. Now I’m sure we’re all aware that chickens are not vegetables, so their vegetarian friendliness does alarm me somewhat, especially when I’m giving them to my son. I dread to think what is involved in make a chicken flavour without the use of a chicken. But more to the point, if you’re vegetarian why would you want to eat chicken flavoured anything? Just me?

Walkers Might Lites are available in all good supermarkets and stores nationwide.



Travel: Content & Calm Tray Kit

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Days Out, Holiday | Posted on 28-05-2013

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Are you planning a trip away this summer with the children? May be a long car journey is involved or maybe you’ll be jetting off somewhere in a plane. How are you going to keep your children entertained? Whenever I go out in the car with Little Man alone he sits happily in the back, looking out the window, dancing in his seat to the radio and chattering away to himself. Put anyone in the front passenger seat and he seems to automatically start demanding their attention. Especially if its Daddy. There is nothing I find more distracting when I’m driving, especially if I’m going a long way, than the person in the seat next to me spinning around every few minutes and things being passed back and forth in an attempt to keep Little Man amused.

We recently went on holiday to Pembrokeshire with my parents. I live in West Sussex, so Pembrokeshire is a VERY long drive. We had an overnight stay in Cardiff, but with stops on the way we were going to be looking at four hours to Cardiff, and three hours from there to where we were staying. I was not looking forward to seven hours of a toddler complaining in the back and Daddy endlessly passing him things to do, so I went in search of a solution. I wanted Little Man to have a selection of things to hand, from books to crayons, some small toys and a few snacks. I didn’t want half the contents of his bedroom balanced around him, but I wanted a manageable amount of items within reach that he could play with easily and without causing too much havoc. Luckily for me, I discovered this.

This handy little “suitcase” is actually a Content & Calm TrayKit. As you can see it has a handle which Little Man could use to carry it around – not that he ever carries anything of his own around apart from Teddy and food – and it also comes with straps so it can be worn like a rucksack. Sadly Little Man won’t do this either, having only ever worn one rucksack for longer than three minutes. To be honest these are the least exciting features, as when you open the “suitcase” you have a great travel companion for your little ones.

Now of course they come empty, but this is what we did to ours. In the big pocket at the back we put a colouring book and a copy of Zoe & Beans: How many pets? for Little Man to look at on the journey. He really enjoys pointing at all the animals in this book, and he especially likes the fact that it features a tortoise as we recently got one as a pet too. In one flap pocket we put a few crayons to use with the colouring book – and hoped he wouldn’t colour the Zoe & Beans book instead. In the other flap pocket we put a couple of packets of fruit snacks. We also popped two of his Hawkins Bazaar Wooden Robots to play with. These are ideal toys for in the car as they can’t break and there’ll be no bits bouncing around the back seat mid journey. Whilst we had a back up stash of things for him to play with when he got bored of this – he’s two and has an attention span of about ten minutes unless its Toy Story or Finding Nemo – these were the items we were happiest for him to play with unsupervised.

The bag is designed to fasten to the back of a car seat, and when its opened it creates a play tray for your little one to use like a desk. Because Little Man’s car seat is quite large, and he’s also a giant, we couldn’t attach the TrayKit as its designed as Little Man’s legs were in the way. Instead we used the rucksack straps to fasten it to the headrest and it was pretty secure. The tray balanced neatly on his knee and he could reach everything he wanted unaided. It would probably work correctly for Little Man on a plane where his seat would be lower. He loved rummaging in each pocket to see what we’d put in there, and within ten minutes everything was out but confined to the tray, and he was eating his way through his snack pile. One of his favourite features was the small mirror you can see just above the wooden robots in the photo above. That was at the perfect height and angle for him to pull faces at himself and it kept him amused for ages.

The TrayKit is brilliant. No, it didn’t keep his amusement for the entire journey, but I wasn’t expecting it to. I love how it holds a good quantity of items and I think it will get a lot of use for many years to come. It did precisely what I wanted it to, and in turn saved Daddy from spending his whole journey turning awkwardly in his chair. Next time we go out and use it I’ll make sure to put different things in there so its always a new experience for Little Man. There are plenty more long car journeys planned for this year, not least a trip to Cumbria in September, where this will get used a lot.

The TrayKit is available in a range of colours and you can also get additional accessories to match. I think I’ll be getting Little Man a couple of Travel Bugs before our next trip.

Foodie: Hoops & Crosses from Walkers

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie, Product Launch, Product Reviews | Posted on 09-05-2013

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The team at Walkers sent Little Man some new Hoops & Crosses to try out recently, as well as a rather cute Monkey which he is currently cuddling in bed! Hoops & Crosses are a new range of crisps from Walkers which are made from wholegrain and contain just 85 calories per bag. They come in 3 flavours – Roast Beef, Prawn Cocktail and Salt & Vinegar. All three are also suitable for vegetarians, which when you look at the flavours available IS a tad alarming, but hey ho.

We were sent a bag of Roast Beef to try, and we enjoyed them with our lunch the other day. Little Man devoured his share pretty swiftly, but then again he never stops eating. Thankfully I also enjoyed mine. They were really tasty and didn’t essentially taste “healthy” so the fact that Little Man would happily eat a bag is great. An alarming 27% of children don’t get ANY wholegrain in their diets, so these crisps are an excellent way to sneak some in there without them really noticing.

Whilst I don’t let Little Man eat too many crisps – despite Mummy being somewhat addicted to them herself… – I am quite happy for him to have these as a treat. They’d make a great addition to a lunchbox or picnic on a day out, or to munch on whilst he watches yet more episodes of Peppa Pig.

Walkers Hoops & Crosses are available now at supermarkets across the country.

Foodie: Snack Time

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie, Product Reviews | Posted on 29-04-2013

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Do children ever stop eating? Little Man is 2 and a half and he seems to be permanently eating something or asking for food. Aside from his three meals a day snacks are very popular. He has the occasional “naughty” treat – Smarties are usually a winner, or those small Lindt Rabbits – but he does love fruit. Strawberries and grapes are probably his favourites, but he also eats blueberries, apples, bananas and satsumas by the bucket load. When we’re at home fruit is an easy snack to provide, but when we’re out and about transporting soft fruits can be a bit of a nightmare. Strawberries have been very disappointing this year, most of them are squashy and wet by the time they make it from the supermarket so I tend to leave them at home instead of popping some in a pot to take out on trips and days out. The team at Fruit Bowls however sent Little Man a couple of packets of their newest product Fruit Peelers to try, and may well have solved the strawberry problem.

Fruit Peelers are made from 100 fruit and nothing else, so I’m happy to give them to Little Man. He thinks he’s getting a treat or some much requested “treasure” when in fact he’s getting a healthy snack. Available in three different flavours Fruit Peelers come in packs of 3, and each peeler contains 1 of your 5 a day – another positive. They look like 6 strawberry laces stuck together, and they are peel-able – as the name suggests – so you can eat one lace at a time. Little Man ate the first one lace by lace, but now – with all the samples long gone, and numerous others bought since – he just eats them as a complete stick or bar. The great thing about these from my point of view is that you can chuck one in your handbag or changing back when you go out, and if your little one doesn’t eat it you can just leave it in there till your next trip out. There’s no mess to find in the bottom of your bag a few days later.

Fruit Bowl also do other products which are ideal for taking out and about without the mess. Fruit Flakes are another big hit with Little Man, as are the School Bars. Both make great things to pop into a handbag, or to use in your little ones lunch boxes for nursery, preschool or school. The Fruit Flakes are also great for baking – perfect for use in cakes, biscuits, muffins or scones.

The complete Fruit Bowls range is available from most supermarkets.

Review: Healthy Snacks From Special K

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie, Product Reviews | Posted on 14-02-2013

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As parents we are endlessly trying to encourage our children to eat healthily. Whether eat be at meal times or snack times we are keen for them to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and less biscuits and crisps – apart from the occasional treat of course! Unfortunately as parents who are often running around after our children we tend to be less concerned with our own diets. When there’s a million and one things to do we often grab food on the go and are probably more likely to grab something we shouldn’t than a healthier alternative.

When I want a snack, either during the day or when I’m relaxing in the evenings, you are more likely to find me going for a packet of crisps – more often than not a large packet – or a chocolate biscuit, than an apple or banana. Something fast and full of instant energy, which is certainly handy with a toddler in the house. Sadly this is not the healthiest thing I could eat. The team at Special K have come up with a solution however to satisfy my salted snack cravings, and my sweet tooth too.

Special K Cracker Crisps
These crisps are a far cry from that brand I usually buy, but I am thrilled, and a little surprised, to admit they taste better! “Healthy” crisps tend to be a little bit bland, or often taste like you are chewing cardboard. I’ve tried a few in  my time and found none that I like so I was keen to test out these cracker crisps. The serving suggestion is 21 crisps, and in that you’ll find a mere 95 calories (based on Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar flavour). Now these crisps are rather addictive, and I can confess that limiting myself to just 21 was basically impossible. The great thing was that even if I ate half the box (who, me?) it was infinitely better for me that eating half a share size bag of traditional crisps. These crisps from Special K are delicious and I recommend all three flavours, though my absolute favourites are the Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar. Perfect for eating with lunch, a mid afternoon snack, and they go rather well with that much needed glass of wine in the evenings when the kids have finally gone to bed.

Special K Biscuit Moments
Biscuit Moments are twin packs of biscuits with a fruit filling and a vanilla drizzle on top. At 98 or 99 calories each depending on flavour they are again a very healthy alternative to raiding the biscuit barrel. Once again I was surprised at how tasty they were for something so much better for you than a bar of chocolate, but despite this I wasn’t entirely satisfied. I could easily have eaten 2, and I fear that would have defeated the purpose. They were light and tasty, but a little too light for me. Maybe you could have one of these and then just the one chocolate biscuit as opposed to four or five. Don’t get me wrong they are yummy, but I personally would need something else. I suggest you try them and decide for yourselves.

The new ranges from Special K are available now from your local supermarket.

Product Review: Sweet Treats Waffle Stick Maker

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie, Product Reviews | Posted on 24-10-2012

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You’ll all no doubt recall my enthusiasm for the Sweet Treats Cake Pop Maker which I reviewed recently. You can therefore probably imagine my excitement and being offered a Waffle Stick Maker from the same company. I was giddy!

The Waffle Stick Maker works in a similar fashion to the Cake Pop Maker. You heat it up whilst you mix your batter and then pour it inside. The maker is then closed and the waffles cook. This Waffle Stick Maker is very similar to a sandwich toaster really. After the cooking time – around 3 – 4 minutes – you are left with six golden sticks of waffle. Each “stick” is about an inch in width and I found it a great size to give to Little Man as a treat, though admittedly whilst we were making these he ended up eating about 5!

Now the batter makes around 36 and you can only make 6 at a time so prepare to be wiping out the hot plates after each batch and re-greasing them. If the idea of eating all 36 in one go is making you nervous do not fear – these waffles freeze VERY well. You can then reheat them as you want straight from the freezer in either the toaster or by popping them back into the Waffle Stick Maker for a few minutes. The top drawer of my freezer is in fact where you’ll find my stash of Apple & Cinnamon Waffle Sticks, ready to munch at a moments notice.

Whilst the “sticks” alone make a great snack or are ideal for breakfast, you can also jazz them up a little. The included recipes have details for making both the “sticks” and a dipping sauce, or you can turn them into “Waffle Sticks ON a Stick” by using cake pop sticks to poke in one end. By doing that you can then dip one end in chocolate, sprinkle on a few sugar strands or chopping nuts, and you’ve got instant party food. There is even a recipe included for savoury sticks and a cheese fondue sauce if your party isn’t full of small children!

You will find the Sweet Treats Waffle Stick Maker in your local Lakeland or online here.

Product Review: Munchkin Click Lock Straw Cup

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 05-10-2012

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Parenting is hard. Just as you get yourself into a state of calm and understanding, another milestone is hit or your little one decides to alter their routine and you’re back at square one. There is always something new to worry about and new decisions to make. As a parent I like to have something I can rely on, something that I know works, something to make my life easier. My Little Man will be two in 10 days and I am very lucky. More often than not he is a star – his routine works perfectly, he (mostly) does what he’s told, and we don’t really have too many problems. Yes, we still have problems, but as he approaches his 2nd birthday I feel a bit more and more like we know what we’re doing!

Recent research from Munchkin has found that for most new mothers it can take two years to get the hang of motherhood – not that I imagine its ever easy! Mums that spoke to Munchkin all seemed to have a list of criteria they needed to fill before they felt their lives as parents had clicked into place. These criteria included having a good routine, getting baby to sleep through the night, having a good supply of drinks/snacks/entertainment with them when they went out, and being able to go out on time. Parents have a lot to worry about so Munchkin set about to give Mums one less worry with their new “Click Lock” cups.

The “Click Lock” cups have a definite audible ‘click’ sound when the lids are correctly fitted. When the ‘click’ occurs you know that the lid is secure and there’ll be no leaking in your bag or spillages if the cup is knocked over. Munchkin sent Little Man a “Click Lock Straw Cup” to test out and we’ve been using it for most of the summer now. Its a good capacity – Little Man’s fluid intake varies from one to three cups per day! – and easy for him to hold and drink from. Most importantly for me is its ability to not leak, and that has been a great success. As well as the audible ‘click’ when I fasten the lid it just feels secure once its properly in places, and I’ve been able to carry it in my bag without any worries, something which can’t be said for all cups! It is frequently knocked over or dropped onto the floor and we still haven’t had any leakages. A great cup, and one less thing to worry about for us.

The Click Lock Cup range is available from leading supermarkets and stores nationwide.

What’s New At Asda?

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My love of Asda won’t come as news to any of you. I get my food delivered by them every week, and I spend my time drooling over the beautiful clothes in George for me, and then inevitably go off and buy something for Little Man instead. I love keeping an eye out for new products for Little Man, and I have three here to show you.

Annabel Karmel Porridge & Apple Biscuit Bakes
When these appeared on my doormat I was a little sceptical. The idea of biscuits that taste of porridge was a bit “out there” for me – surely the only thing tasting of porridge should be porridge in a bowl? Apparently not. I nervously handed one over to Little Man, half expecting it to be spat back out at me, and watched in amazement as he finished it off, and promptly requested “More?”.
Being Annabel Karmel endorsed you know these biscuits will be perfect for little children. They can be eaten as they are from 12 month, but can be mixed with their usual milk earlier than that for breakfast. They come in a box of 5 handy 3 portion packs, so can be slipped into a bag or a coat pocket for outings and walks.

Annabel Karmel Carrot & Sweetcorn Rice & Corn Snacks
My Little Man hates rice cakes. He always has. He chews them for a while, then spits it out, usually whilst moving around the room. In fact the only rice cake I have ever seen him finish is one belonging to his girlfriend – but other peoples food always is nicer isn’t it? Due to this I wasn’t really expecting him to appreciate these, and to be honest I was planning on handing them over to his rice cake loving girlfriend when we next saw her.
One evening dinner was unusually rejected – one of those days all round – so instead of giving him some fruit instead I thought I’d stick to the savoury idea and opened these Rice & Corn Snacks. Half a pack later it turns out that he now DOES like rice cakes! Another snack time winner for us!

Little Angels Baby Wipes with Built-In Pot Of Nappy Cream
Nappy rash is a bit of a nightmare in our house. Little Man doesn’t get it very often, but when he does it tends to flare up out of nowhere. It often goes from none existent to intensely painful within half an hour. When I’m at home that’s no problem – Sudocrem at the ready – but when I’m out its a nightmare as I have invariably forgotten our spare pot. Asda have come up with a brilliant solution.
Their new design baby wipes now come with a small pot of nappy cream built it. It’s not impregnated on every wipe, it is simply a small pot built into the packet which sits alongside the opening for the wipes. You can’t open the nappy cream pot without opening the wipes so there is no danger of spillage within your bag. Both lids are very securely fastened. Whilst I did think this might be a gimmick I was proved wrong just earlier today when I changed my Little Man’s nappy at our local supermarket and lo and behold one red bottom, and no pot of nappy cream. I then remembered that I’d popped the new Little Angels wipes in my changing bag and there was my nappy cream. Result! Not only is it convenient it also works, which to be honest is the most important thing. A layer was applied to Little Man’s bottom and at the next change the redness has gone down already. Genius product.