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#Review: Shark Rocket HV320

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 09-06-2016

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I hate housework. I’m sure I’m not alone in that statement either. I can generally find a million and one things I’d rather be doing than cleaning the house, and invariably can be found doing one of them instead.

Having two young boys in the house the floor is generally chaotic. Biscuit crumbs, bread crumbs, a few dozen dinosaurs, several books and cars are scattered far and wide, therefore vacuuming is something of an assault course. I was approached recently by the team at Shark asking if I’d like to test out one of their vacuums. It was a brand I had never heard of before, so I did a little research before replying. A swift Google search and I stumbled upon several comments about how they were infinitely better than Dyson which had me intrigued. I use a Dyson myself and have always been highly impressed by it – so easy to move around and seemingly efficient. But was there something better?


Shark sent me a Rocket HV320 to test out. “The only Shark® stick vacuum designed to integrate the performance and cleanability of an upright and with pets in mind.” I have never used a stick vacuum before. I have long lusted after the Dyson cordless, but I have only ever used an upright so I was again intrigued as to how this would differ. The vacuum can be used with a multitude of included attachments, allowing it to be used as a stick vacuum and a handheld. It has a mini motorised brush for pet hair, a Dustaway attachment for hard floors, multiple LED lights for seeing under furniture, and can be stored either hanging on the wall or free standing.

The first test I did with the Shark was crumbs. Little Dude creates more crumbs than the rest of us put together, and not least of all with his favoured treat of a croissant. It is probably my own fault for allowing him to enjoy this treat stood at the coffee table whilst watching Bing or Twirlywoos, but the mess is insane as you can see from the before shot below. The after shot was taken following a quick vacuum with the Shark. The results, I feel, speak for themselves.


This doesn’t demonstrate the amount of crumbs that were over the table but I’m sure you can imagine. As you can see the rug looks like new, in fact I’m fairly sure it has never looked cleaner.

Next up was biscuit crumbs. Our sofas have wide arms which make them a frequent dumping ground for all manner of things, least of all drinks and snacks. Little Man arrives home from school each afternoon ravenous so snacks are dispensed almost the moment we walk back through the front door. He settles himself on the sofa with a bowl of fruit and biscuits and a drink and inevitably scatters the crumbs along the arms. Another before and after shot here, and this time I used the motorised head with the vacuum in its handheld form.


For our final test – for now – I decided it was long time I cleaned out my car. The interior is basically an extension of the house, scattered with crumbs and stones and leaves and toys and books and all manner of chaos. Again it was time for the handheld vacuum to be used, along with the mini motorised head and the small crevice tool.


My well battered car mats haven’t looked this clean for a very long time.

I think the photos here tell the story of the quality of the cleaning – entirely faultless. But how was using it? Well as I mentioned previously I have never used a stick vacuum before. It was a very different experience to an upright and it did take a bit of getting used to. It manouveres well however, and the heads fit neatly beneath the coffee table and the sofas. The lights, which I originally thought were a crazy feature, provided a great scope of vision beneath the furniture, allowing me to see precisely how untidy my house is!

I have a few more tests for the Shark which will be featured on the blog soon. I need to test it on the hard floors of the kitchen and bathrooms, I need to test its ability to vacuum the carpet in my bedroom which tends to be covered in my hair, and I need to use it on the stairs. But so far, I am vastly impressed with the vacuum and can well see me forgoing my Dyson entirely.