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Review: Wipe Easy Oil Cloth

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Home & Lifestyle, Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 16-08-2013

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Oilcloth is one of those materials that has a hundred and one uses. We were recently sent a huge roll of it by Wipe Easy who primarily sell it as tablecloths. This is a perfect use for it if you have children as it cleans up really fast and protects your table from messy eaters. What I was asked to do was show other uses for it. We came up with one or two fairly traditional uses for it as you can see here.

uses for oil cloth collage / high chair / potty / desk


Under high chairs to protect the carpet, beneath Little Man’s desk where he tends to draw, crayon and snack, and beneath his potty. We’ve been potty training for the last few weeks and sometimes Little Man’s wee’s go sideways instead of down!

My super talented friend Katherine – of Katherine’s Cosy Creations – make this gorgeous shoulder bag for me using oilcloth and a really pretty lining. She even made it that the bag was reversible so I can have the oilcloth on the inside which is great if I’m carrying Little Man’s drink or snacks around. Please do let Katherine know what you think of this bag – she’s more than willing to make more of them!

Finally I set up a Pinterest board for Oilcloth Ideas. I’ve put a few of my favourites on there but I’m sure you can all suggest many more ways to use oilcloth. I particularly like the Picnic Place Mats with Cutlery Pockets on them – a great idea when you’re out and about and so easy to roll and store. I’m sure if I ask Katherine nicely she can whip a few up for me!

Wipe Easy sell their oilcloth in a wide range of patterns and in a variety of sizes. You’re bound to find something which fits in with your home decor or that you could make into something for yourself or your children. I’d love to know what you get up to!

Summer Holiday Essentials: Hammamas

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Fashion, Holiday, Home & Lifestyle, Product Reviews | Posted on 18-08-2012

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I love products that when you get them and use them you end up finding a million and one uses for them and you wonder how you ever survived without one. A Hammamas is such a product. What looks like a simple large cotton towel transforms into a multitude of uses, and all you need is a bit of imagination.

Hammamas are based on the traditional Turkish bath towel, and are available in a huge range of colours and patterns. Their generous size adds to their variety of uses.

First and foremost they make great towels. Absorbing water as fast as a traditional towel they dry super fast making them the perfect partner for bath time, visits to the swimming pool, or a dip in the sea. They are ideal for children as you can wrap them up in no time at all, making sure they don’t get too cold when they get out the water.

They are perfect for travelling. If you’re off on holiday take a Hammamas. They are compact enough to fit in your luggage, in the car, stored in a caravan, packed into the limited space of a boat or barge, they would even fit neatly into a tent. You could even use them if you’re off on your gap year and all you have is your rucksack.

A Hammamas makes  a great blanket. Whether you’re on the beach and want something to lie on, or your in the park or your own back garden having a picnic, a Hammamas is big enough to relax on. Perhaps you’re heading to a festival and want something to wrap around you in the cool evenings, or you might be planning a romantic evening on the beach watching the sunset. Get a Hammamas!

The perfect beachwear accessory. If you’re heading to warmer climes this summer – and to be fair who could blame you – travel light by using your Hammamas as beachwear. It makes an ideal sarong, and with a bit of creativity it can also be worn as a dress over your bikini – great when heading away from the beach for lunch.

Home decoration with a Hammamas. Whether you’re dining inside or out this summer you might want to put a tablecloth down. Use your Hammamas. Thrown over a table – especially a wooden table in the garden – the Hammamas looks amazing, and it protects your table and adds some colour to the occasion. And you don’t to worry about spillages as they can be thrown in the washing machine at 40 degrees and will be dry in no time.

You can view the extensive range online at the Hammamas store.