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Guest Post: Worry Free Websites

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Guest Post, Information | Posted on 14-10-2013

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Children are exposed to technology much earlier in today’s technological obsessed world and what they are viewing online can be a worrying prospect.

It amazes me how much my children can do on different mediums from the tablet, television to the computer. Thanks to unlimited packages from companies like BT it is much more accessible; I am just waiting for the day when I ask my kids for help. I am pretty sure it is not too far away!

However, with the learning comes a great risk of what information is not being filtered out should you leave the children unsupervised while surfing the net. Thankfully, with broadband phone deals there are many options to choose from and they include parental control.

With BT they have a program called BT Family Protection which is a much more sophisticated programme that has developed from the original security offerings in the past. From social media control, time limits, website filtering and video streaming filtering it covers all eventualities and keeps me stress free when leaving them to go online.

While the ease of access may still create concern for many parents with young and technological able children, I have managed to find suitable and educational websites that use the internet as a tool for learning. There are many more available but below is a list of some of the sites I like to use with my children.

CBEEBIES http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/

Most generations cannot say that BBC was not part of their education. For decades they have provided informative and entertaining programmes to let the little ones progress. My children love this website and I do too.

Perfect for rainy days, there are print outs for creative work, online puzzles and more.

National Geographic Little Kids http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/littlekids/

Similar to CBEEBIES, this website is perfect for younger children to entertain and help with lots of developmental skills. With a gang of excellent characters in the ‘Curiosityville Club’, mazes, puzzles and even a forum for parents to provide feedback, this website provides all the functions a worried parent would want.

Spatula – http://www.spatulatta.com/

A fantastic website for anyone wanting to teach their child the basics of cooking. I have used this many times and even if some of the recipes seem basic my children seem to like following the videos more than listening to me and my directions!

Christmas Stocking Fillers: For Mum…

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas, Christmas Gift Guide, Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 27-11-2012

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More stocking fillers now, but this time for Mums…

NSPA Products
Available exclusively from Asda this range of beauty products is deliciously fruity. Body butters and lip balms which smell divine whilst also leaving your body and lips super soft and smooth. These butters are not edible despite how delightful they smell, but are exceptionally good value for money. Each of these featured sets costs just £5 and if you go in-store on online you can find a huge range of products for women and men.

Beurer Mini Massager
Perfect for getting rid of those niggling aches and pains at the end of the day this mini massager fits neatly into your hand. Its great used on the shoulders or legs to ease tired muscles after a hectic run up to Christmas. I used this myself after long days at work on my tired calves and it relieved any tension or aches with ease. It has three individually vibrating heads and its compact size also makes it great to carry in your handbag or briefcase in case you need a little relaxation at your desk or on your commute. Every Mum deserves one of these in her stocking this Christmas. Available in a choice of colours, this model costs £11.99 and more details can be found on the Beurer website.

Rosie’s Pantry Measuring Cups
Part of Boots’ famous 3 for 2 gift sets this dinky collection of measuring cups would look great in any kitchen. Recently coveted by GBBO very own Cat, the set comes with four cups – 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp, 1 tbs and 1 dsp – each with a pastel colouring in the shape of miniature tea cups. Available now from Boots for just £10.

Betty & Walter Commendably Practical Cosmetic Purse
Again available from Boots this is new range for the store. The cosmetic purse comes with a Rose Lip Balm in a tin, a tub of Elderflower & Lemon Hydrating Hand cream, a Patterned Nail File and a Compact Mirror all inside a Printed Cosmetic Purse. Its a brilliant set and the hand cream included is a great product. It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves hands feeling soft and cared for. The purse itself will slip neatly into any handbag for taking cosmetics on the go, or for keeping on your dressing table with your favourite odds and ends in. Buy it now from Boots for £14.

Touchscreen Gloves
Most of us own something with a touchscreen, whether it be a phone, an e-reader or a tablet. Touchscreen devices are excellent but when its winter and your hands and fingers need covering in gloves, using a touchscreen device is impossible, and taking your gloves on and off can be tiresome. These Fair Isle patterned gloves from Asda are a great solution and are available at a bargain price of just £5.