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Are YOU bathroom proud?

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 11-06-2015

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There are some truly random surveys out there aren’t there? I wonder who on earth comes up with the questions sometimes. For example I just read an article about how people in Sussex and Kent are the most bathroom proud in Britain according to a survey done by UK Bathrooms. People are spending around £25 every month on cleaning products because they feel judged by visitors on the state of their loos.

What. On. Earth.

Toilet-SussexMummyYeah okay if people are visiting I do blitz the rooms they are most likely to stumble into – the kitchen, the lounge, and the downstairs bathroom – and I hide all the surplus junk and carnage in the rooms upstairs. So this will probably involve running around with the hoover, relocating the dust, and squirting some toilet duck down the loo. But do I spend £25 a month on cleaning products?

I have three bathrooms in my house – you wouldn’t think a 3 bed house would need so many would you – and my cleaning product arsenal for these rooms consists of toilet ducks, cleaning wipes, some kind of spray cleaner, and a loo block of some format. Under the sink in my kitchen I store the cleaning products for the rest of the house – again more cleaning wipes, another multi-purpose spray cleaner, something to clean the carpet, and a can of furniture polish which I suspect has more dust on it than the items its meant to be cleaning. So if I was to replace every cleaning product I have I might spend £25… but every month? I highly doubt it. But then again… I’m not much of a cleaner. Just ask my husband.

So yes DO make an effort to tidy up before people visit, and if that includes spending hours sterilising your bathroom so be it. But seriously, if your visitors are judging you on the state of your toilets, maybe you need to get yourselves some better visitors.