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Top Tips for Filming The Children

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Panasonic Brit Bloggers | Posted on 29-03-2015

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With the Easter holidays upon us – at least for most people! – there’ll no doubt be lots of family fun ahead. If you’re planning to get your camcorder out to save some memories – or even use your mobile phone – take a look at these Top Tips from Panasonic for capturing the best of the action.

Top tips for filming family videos over the Easter holidays

There’s nothing better than a family Easter egg hunt or a spring day out to bring the whole family together. Whether it’s a family trip away or an afternoon jaunt to the park, the school holidays can provide the perfect opportunity to capture some precious moments on film.

But excitable children, unpredictable weather, and you stuck behind the camera don’t always make for the best family video. Here are some top tips from Panasonic’s video expert, Mark Baber, to help you avoid common mistakes.

  1. Get your positioning and angles right

To make sure you’re capturing your children’s faces clearly during that fun-filled Easter egg hunt, crouch down so you’re at their level. A great way to capture children’s merry mayhem without distracting them with your presence is to actively look away from the camcorder or turn your body in a different direction. Look out for camcorders that offer a ‘Level Shot’ function – they’ll automatically correct tilting to avoid wonky shots.

  1. Engage the troops

The most memorable home videos are often the ones which contain unexpected action or little ones’ laugh-out-loud outbursts while playing at home on a rainy day. While the best moments tend to happen naturally, asking non-leading questions like “what are you doing?” or, better still, “what are you about to do next?” can help to achieve video gold. Remember that the microphone is closer to you, so speak quietly or, better still, keep the camcorder on standby and only start recording once you’ve asked the question.

  1. Flex your creative muscles

Make your videos look more fun by using creative effects and filming modes. If you’re on a long car journey, ask the person in the passenger seat to film the view of the road and fast forward this into a timelapse. Or why not try black and white mode to make it look like a silent movie and get the kids to do their best mime artist impressions. Look out Martin Scorcese …

  1. Star in your own movie

If you’re behind the camera, it often means that you don’t appear much in your family videos. A great way to get in on the action is to use a camcorder that can be controlled remotely using a smartphone. For example, with the Panasonic V550 or W750 you can position the camcorder in a corner, join in on the family fun and click record on your smartphone. You can also zoom in and out, check the sound levels and watch the live image all on your trusty phone.

  1. Share the fun

If there’s a family member that can’t join you but you don’t want them to miss out, opt for a camcorder with real-time broadcasting. This function lets you stream live images to anyone around the world with an internet connection. So if someone is stuck at work or lives on the other side of the world, they can still be part of your Easter extravaganza.

  1. Cheat your way to a professional family video

If you’d much rather relax and enjoy the family fun without worrying about camera angles, a pan-tilt cradle can do all the hard work for you. Pop the camcorder on top and it’ll pan the scene, detecting movement to then tilt and zoom in on the action, like your very own cameraman!

We’ve got lots planned for Easter weekend with grandparents playing a major role so I’m hoping to get some great footage thanks to these tips. Keep your eyes peeled!

For more information about Panasonic HD Camcorders, click here.