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Summer Holiday Essentials: Trunki Accessories

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Holiday, Product Reviews, Summer Holiday Essentials | Posted on 05-07-2012

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Every parent knows that Trunki’s are the ultimate suitcase for children when they go on holiday. Available in a range of colour, designs and characters the Trunki is the only choice when buying luggage for your children, but before you head off on holiday this summer check out their range of accessories too.

The Extras Pack is the perfect addition to any Trunki. It comes with:

A Tote Bag – this fits neatly inside your Trunki to keep toys or books separate. It comes with a carry handle and a shoulder strap, and there are two clips on the back which allow it to be attached to the pocket on the back of car seats or plane seats. We used this Tote Bag a lot on holiday as it was permanently fixed on the car seat in front of Little Man and loaded up with his favourite books. This made them easily accessible by us as we travelled to Devon, and when he’s a little bigger he’ll be able to reach them himself too.

A Purse – this cute purse is ideal for pocket money or spending money when on holiday. It can also be clipped onto belts, Trunki’s or other bags and rucksacks.

A Saddlebag – this bag fits over your Trunki allowing for a more comfortable ride for your little one, and has a handy squeaker inside so they can alert any passing pedestrians to their presence. It also makes a great bag for your little one to carry around, with lots of little pockets to stash their bits and pieces in.

Stickers – all children love stickers – Little Man certainly does – and the included stickers here allow you to decorate your Trunki if yours is a bit bare, and will no doubt find their way all over the place soon enough!

The Extra’s Pack is available in Pink or Blue and can be found at the Trunki online store.

Bagabook Giveaway At Brit Mums Live!

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Bagabooks are designed to protect your precious paperbacks from damage when you’re reading them if you’re out and about. Whether you’re travelling by train or plane, or sat on a warm sandy beach (clearly not in the UK…) or just like to have your book with you in case you fancy a quick read, your paperback may end up a little dog-eared and damaged. Bagabook to the rescue!!

Bagabooks slip around the cover of your book and protect it from the elements. They come with a built in bookmark and a handy pocket for a travel card or train ticket – perfect for all you commuters out there. There is even a pen holder as your Bagabook can also house a notepad or diary. You can even fit an e-reader or 7 inch tablet inside – and that’s why I’m bringing my Bagabook to Brit Mums Live this weekend with my new Kurio inside. As you all know I’m going to be showing off the pre-release 7 inch Kurio to anyone who wants a look, but I am also going to be running a competition to giveaway a brand new Bagabook of your choice.

Bagabooks come in two designs – Classic or Executive. The Classics look rather like a stylish handbag, with a strap to pop it over your shoulder or carry it.

The Executive has a briefcase look to it with a much shorter and neater handle, and has a discreet zipped pocket to pop in your mobile or mp3 player or some loose change.
Take a look at the full range on the Bagabook website – there are a host of colours and designs to choose from.

Fancy winning one of your own?

Track me down on Friday or Saturday at Brit Mums Live and give me one of your business cards.  You’ll be entered into a Prize Draw and on Sunday I’ll pick one of the cards out of a hat – or the discreet hidden pocket of the Bagabook – and that person will win a Bagabook of their choice from the website. What’s more is that ALL entrants will be emailed with a discount code to use in the online store.

Summer Holiday Essentials: Travel Cutlery from Tum Tum Tots

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When you’re out and about this summer – either on holiday or day trips – you would be advised to slip a set of Tum Tum Tots Travel Cutlery into your bag. Designed to make eating easier for little ones the cutlery is shaped to allow maximum food on them, and less falling off – even pesky peas! The knife is also a safe sharpness to make sure they don’t cut themselves but can still chop soft foods. Each set comes with a case to carry them around in so they don’t get lost, and also so you can transport them after use without messing up other things in your bag. Two designs are available – Ponies and Sheep – and each contains characters which can be mixed and matched by turning over the double-sided handles. You’ll also be pleased to hear that they are dishwasher safe!

Little Man loved using these when we were on holiday recently and they are perfectly sized for him. He enjoys independent eating and no longer wants any help at meal times – despite the mess! I keep a set of these in our changing bag now at all times so they are ready to use when we’re out in restaurants or at friends houses.

Tum Tum Tots Travel Sets are available now from their online store.

Journey Across Europe With Eurostar

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Holiday, Product Reviews | Posted on 11-06-2012

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For me holidaying in the UK seems like the easy option now we have a child, especially whilst he is very little. The idea of travelling abroad with him and being stuck on board a plane for a few hours, combined with the three hour check-in time at most airports is my idea of hell to be honest. Even if it wasn’t punctuated by endless queries of “Are We Nearly There Yet?”, even I must admit to getting bored on flights that are longer than about an hour, so I can only imagine how long it would take a toddler to go stir crazy and want to get out. We have no plans to take Little Man abroad before he’s 3 or 4 and then we only plan on a trip to Disneyland Paris, and for that we’ll be using Eurostar.
Last weekend I headed to Amsterdam for a blogging conference and for that journey I also travelled via Eurostar. For travel into Europe, whether for business or pleasure, it strikes me as an altogether more civilised way to travel. St Pancras International is easy accessible from across the UK – I had a lovely journey up from Sussex with Starline Taxis, based in Chichester – and when you arrive the process couldn’t be simpler. Check-in is a mere 30 minutes before departure as opposed to the hours you could spend at an airport, and from the check-in desk through security and passport control took a little over 10 minutes. By the time you’ve got to the departure lounge your train is about to board, with this happening 20 minutes before departure. Once you’ve found your carriage and seat, stored your luggage in racks at either end or above your head – an allowance which is greater than any airline – and settled into your seat which has more legroom that a plane, you’re about to depart. Travel through the English countryside is swift, with the speed increasing greatly once you hit Europe. The journey is comfortable and the onboard services great – you have the freedom to move about the carriages and head one of the two catering areas where you can grab a coffee or bite to eat, or make use of the toilets or baby changing facilities. Select carriages provide power points for plugging in your laptops or mobile phone, and racks of magazines can also be located for your entertainment, but for me, you don’t need them. The beauty of travelling via Eurostar as opposed to your chosen airline is the fact you can look out the window and see something. In the air your have a lovely view of clouds and bits of country as you take off and before landing. On Eurostar you can see the great British countryside of Kent as you head towards the coast and after a brief trip through the Channel Tunnel you get to see the sights of France, and for me eventually Belgium and Holland.
My Little Man has yet to experience train travel of any kind – he has seen trains close to when we meet Daddy at the station sometimes and he marvels at them, but as yet we haven’t put him on one. I think he’d find the Eurostar experience from this respect fascinating. Apart from the fact he’d be waving at all the other passengers, he’d no doubt be stood on his seat glued to the window watching the world flash by. He would be mesmerised, and probably reluctant to get off when we arrived at our destination.
If you are a business traveller Eurostar is also a great way to travel. The fold-down tables that are provided are ample to set your laptop or tablet on allowing you to continue working as you travel. As I mentioned earlier some seats come with power points – though you have to request a seat with one if you required. As I speed towards Europe my carriage is filled with a mix of passengers – some business, and some pleasure – and there are numerous people tapping away at their laptops as they go, using their seat as a mini office.
Travel to Amsterdam using Eurostar is only possible thanks to their partnership with Thalys – a high speed train network operating in Europe. Travel via these two train companies could not be simpler as you print tickets for your whole journey – not just the Eurostar leg – at home, or at St Pancras. Fares are also kept low thanks to this partnership, with standard class travel starting at just £99 return to the heart of Amsterdam. Thalys trains were a joy to travel on as every seat came with ample leg room, a generous sized fold down table, a power socket – which was very handy for the charging of mobile phones and laptops, and on-board wifi.
Travelling by Eurostar is also the simplest way to get to your city destination. Upon arrival in Amsterdam I find myself in the city centre – not at an airport with another taxi ride ahead of me, which will no doubt be pricey. I am in the middle of the city a short tram journey – or walk – away from my hotel. It really does take you to the heart of things, and the same is true if you’re using the Eurostar service to take you to Paris, Disneyland Paris or Brussels.   You arrive feeling refreshed and relaxed having travelled in great comfort, and ready to start your holiday or business trip.

Potty Training Kit

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When Little Man turned 18 months old the mailing list emails I was getting from baby clubs and baby companies suddenly all started talking about potty training. The idea of potty training is one that has filled me with dread from day one (and quite possibly before that!) so I was surprised to see that it was something that I needed to start thinking about now. I could definitely see the positives of doing it in the summer – lots of running about the garden nappy free in the sun – but the idea of doing it at all scared the life out of me, mostly due to my pale cream carpets. So I started doing some research into ideas and methods, and then looked at the bits and pieces that were out there to make the job easier. We’d already picked up a couple of potties at Nearly New Sales but I liked the idea of have one in all  main rooms, so I was after more. I got pretty overwhelmed by the whole thing, then realised it was probably one of those daunting events for all parents. So I decided to create a “Potty Training Kit” of items which I think you should have at home ready for the day your little one decides its time to stop using nappies, because it could just happen overnight. For those interested, it hasn’t happened here yet. I’m still hoping it wont!

Potties: An obvious one to start with! I have three potties in the house. One in the lounge, one in the main bathroom upstairs, and one in the downstairs bathroom. I’m thinking I might get a fourth for Little Man’s bedroom. I picked up a couple of Ikea potties at a Nearly New Sale – plain basic designs – but you an get a perfectly viable new potty from Asda for just 98p. If you’re after something a little fancier I do like the Smart Potty from Baby Bjorn. It has a splash guard at the front – essential for little boys – and the bowl itself lifts out for quick, easy and hygienic cleaning. Its compact size is also a plus as it fits neatly next to the toilet in the bathroom without being a trip hazard. Whilst Little Man hasn’t “used” it yet, he has managed to sit on it and get off again with ease – fully clothed admittedly!

Potty Seat: You might not want potties dotted about the place or your little one might decide, probably after you’ve bought a selection of potties, that they want to use the big toilet. Obviously you can’t just sit your toddler on the toilet due to the size of the seat, so you’ll need to get some Potty Seats which sit neatly on top of the toilet making it a more appropriate size. There are a wide range available, including ones that come with built in ladders to help your child on their way, but I like this simple design from Munchkin. It has rubber edges to keep it secure on the seat so there’s no slipping when your little one climbs on, it has the necessary deflector at the front, a gentle backrest for optimum comfort, and two handles for security.

Just For Boys: This rather amusing looking piece of kit was discovered when I searched to see if there was gender specific potty training equipment. Obviously with little boys and little girls having different “plumbing” and different methods of going to the toilet I was sure there’d be something, and here it is – the Tippitoes Boys Toilet Trainer. Once your little boy has mastered the art of sitting down to wee, he then needs to figure out that standing up to do it is what the big boys do. This task is being left up to Daddy in our house – I wouldn’t know where to begin with this one – and this product looks like a good idea… assuming their aim is reasonable! The Toilet Trainer fits on all standard toilet seats using the adjustable clip and can be emptied easily afterwards. Its designed to hold a full toddlers bladder – oh how I look forward to testing THAT out – and sits at the ideal height for little boys.

Step: I think a little step in the bathroom is essential, whether you’re using potties or a seat. Reaching the toilet itself will be impossible without the step – unless you get the seat with built-in ladder of course – but also you need to start making sure hands are washed after they’ve been. A step like this will make this possible, and will also help with reaching the sink to brush their teeth. If you have a tiled or lino floor – I have the same ridiculous cream carpet everywhere, including the bathrooms!! – then you want to make sure the step comes with non-slip feet. This Safe Step from Baby Bjorn has just that – non-slip feet for the floor, and a non-slip top so your little one will be safe, even with wet feet. Its also well sized so that your child can carry it around with them. Little Man likes to move it about the bathroom, sitting on it when he brushes his teeth, and standing on it when his bath is being run so he gets a better view. It also matches the Smart Potty nicely.

Wipes: With trips to the potty or toilet comes the need for bottom wiping. With your little one being used to the comfort of moist baby wipes since birth its a good idea to stock up on Toilet Training Wipes. These ensure bottoms are cleaned properly, but are also suitable for hands too. Available With or Without Fragrance they are gentle against delicate skin, and are available from all leading retailers. I like these cute designs from Asda though.

Pull Up Pants: Nappies are officially a thing of the past once potty training begins and its important that you stick to that. Obviously you need some form of protection against accidents so pull up pants are a must have. Similar to nappies in that they have a level of absorption, they go on like underwear with your little one stepping into them as opposed to being wrestled to the ground for nappy change – just me? Huggies lead the way in Pull Up Pants, but I’ll be sticking to the value and success we’ve had from Asda. They sell “First Pants” which have tear away sides for removal and provide protection against any leaks. I’ll certainly be making sure I’m well stocked with these before we take the step to toilet training.

Out & About: At some point during your potty training you’re going to have to leave the privacy of your own home. Whether it be going out in the pram or for a trip in the car your little one is probably going to have an accident. Keeping a potty in the car will help with that – travel potties such as the My Carry Potty are a popular choice – but if you want that added bit of protection I recommend one of these: A Potty Training Mat For Car Seat or Buggy sold at JoJo Maman Bebe. This attaches into the car seat or buggy and protects it from any accidents. The vinyl backing ensures that the seat remains dry so they don’t have to travel around in a puddle. I think this is a great idea for potty training on the move but also for day to day usage to protect seats from spills from drinks cups or leaking nappies before potty training begins.



Decorating A Child’s Bedroom – Jungle Theme

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The majority of Little Man’s toys and books have a jungle animal involved. Giraffes, monkeys and lions are very popular in our house, so when we moved from our flat and Little Man was given a bedroom with plain white walls we had no doubts over what theme to decorate it in. Over the past few weeks we’ve been gathering lots of amazing jungle themed items to use to make Little Man’s room a proper boys bedroom, and we are thrilled with the results.

Duracoat Tough Matt Paint from Homebase in ‘Yellow Submarine’.
This paint contains extra acrylic making it super durable and ideal for high traffic areas. Its also washable which is going to come in very handy when Little Man decides to decorate himself with crayons!
I love this colour and it brightened up the room immediately. It also works incredibly well with the rest of the decorations.

Jungle Wall Stickers by Roommates from Jomoval.
Twenty six stickers of varying sizes featuring an array of creatures found in the jungle, as well as a couple of palm trees, birds and a bright sun. These stickers can be placed on any painted or papered wall, furniture 0r mirrors without causing damage. What’s more you can move and reposition as you want, reusing them if you move or fancy a change of scene, and they are waterproof and wipe clean.
I always wanted to use some type of wall sticker to add pictures to Little Man’s room, and I must have looked at dozens of designs and styles. These were perfect – particularly being re-positionable – and make a dramatic impact as soon as you place them. Little Man saw his wall yellow for a few weeks before we put these up, and as soon as he came back into his room he immediately ran over pointing at them all and poking the ones he could reach. Most mornings he waves at the creatures from his cot! These stickers are just fantastic.

Monkey & Giraffe Decorative Light Switch Cover from Homeplates.
This is a simple cover which is fitted easily over your existing light switch making them a popular home decoration accessory. They are so easy to fit – even I managed it!
I’d never really imagined having a light switch that was any colour other than white, but after discovering the Homeplates website and their vast selection I can see more of these popping up around the house. Inexpensive and so simple the inclusion of this switch cover in Little Man’s room is subtle but so cute.

Jungle Animals Personalised Height Chart from Stuck On You.
Made from high quality canvas and supplied with matching stickers to mark your little ones height on special dates – birthdays, Christmas, etc – these height charts are easily personalised on the website and come in a huge range of designs.
This height chart has featured on my blog before here, but it is still a brilliant part of Little Man’s bedroom and one brightens up a blank wall.

Bespoke Bunting from Just Bunting.
Just Bunting was set up by Karen Davey from Cornwall and she makes a huge range of bunting for all occasions, and she was kind enough to make this colourful personalised bunting for Little Man. The quality is fantastic and it was precisely what I’d imagined – you can see why she’s a member of the #SBS Winners, as chosen by Theo Paphitis of Dragons Den fame.

Green Elephant Organics For Kids Blanket from NaturalMat
This blanket is reversible – the other side has stripes on – and is so soft and snugly. It would be brilliant for wrapping your newborn nice and cosily, or as an extra blanket for use in the cot or in the car, and what’s more its 100% organic cotton and machine washable.

Personalised Safari Wall Art from Alphabet Gallery.
A 15cm square deep wooden box containing the first letter of your child’s name, along with their full name and the origin of it, and their date of birth. This makes a great addition to any nursery and would be a perfect christening gift too.
This item is so beautiful.  The Safari theme provides a great background and the detail that goes into it is exquisite. I am so pleased to have one of these on Little Man’s wall, and I’m sure it’s something we are going to always treasure.

Doodle Zoo Travel Grobag from The Gro Company.
This sleeping bag can be used both at home and on the move as it can be fitted into a car seat or buggy and is five point harness compatible. At 0.5 tog it is ideal for hot summer nights and holiday travel.
This grobag is full of lovely jungle creatures. We have used it in the car seat too whilst travelling past Little Man’s bedtime. The full length front zip makes it easy to transport your little one if their asleep as it gives simple access to your harness. The 0.5 tog means it will get plenty use this summer – should it ever get hot!

Jolly Day Out Portable Storage Caddy from The Gro Company.
Keeping nappies, wipes and creams tidy is easy with this caddy, and the included changing mat and comfy handle means you can carry it around the house with ease.
This was chosen because of its bright orange colour. There may not be a jungle creature on here, but greens, yellows and oranges are jungle colours so its a great match. We keep this filled with nappies and wipes – super cute jungle creature decorated ones from Tesco’s in fact – as well as the essential hand gel and nappy rash cream.  Its great for using around the house, and makes a instant nappy changing station in any room.

Roaring Raa Raa Toy from Toys R Us.
This interactive roaring Raa Raa provides endless fun with a simple push down of his head. The more you press his head the longer and louder the realistic roar, and he even does a little wiggle too!
Raa Raa has been watched by Little Man for quite a while now, so you can imagine his excitement upon receiving his very own Raa Raa – I couldn’t get it out the box fast enough! Little Man loves to press his head down, and often mimicks the wiggling motion when the roar begins. I love this toy because the voice is the same as on the show and its a brilliant copy of a very popular character.

Tigga Shoes from Inch Blue.
Inch Blue are the place to get handmade soft leather shoes, and these bright orange with black stripes make a great jungle addition.

Blue Original 6 month + Soother Two Pack from Mam.
A cute pack of soothers, one of which features a very appropriate elephant! Soothers are only used in our house at nap time and at night, but we seem to lose them all the time, so a good stock is essential.

Jungle Animals Kids Party Boxes from Favours From Us.
These boxes are designed to be used at parties, and would make great goody bags for children to take home filled with sweets. In Little Man’s bedroom they make cute decorations which he could put little bits and pieces in.

Panda Zoobie from Jaz Kids.
This cuddly panda is a great soft toy for your child, but it also holds a secret. It is also a super-soft blanket and comfortable pillow, making it ideal for car trips and cuddling up at home.
This panda has become an instant hit in our house. Little Man loves it, and can often be found carrying it around with him and giving it big cuddles. He doesn’t really use it as a blanket and pillow as yet,  but as a toy its one of his best friends.

Monkey Bibs from Close Parent Ltd.
These bibs come in two sizes – 0 month + and 6 months + – and are soft and absorbent. The 6 month + bib has additional poppers which allow you to fold bottom of the long bib up to form a pouch – great for catching any spillages!

Little Man is rather pleased too – he does enjoy a nice chat with his new animal friends…

Like what you see?

Here are all the website links and Twitter accounts of everyone who contributed towards making my Little Man’s bedroom amazing!!

Homebase can be found @Homebase_UK
Jomoval can be found @Jomoval
Stuck On You can be found @StuckOnYouTweet
Just Bunting can be found @JustBunting
Natural Mat can be for @NaturalMat
Alphabet Gallery
The Gro Company can be found @TheGroCompany
Toys R Us can be found @ToysRUs
Inch Blue can be found @InchBlue
Favours From Us
Jaz Kids can be found @JazKidsClothing
Close Parent Ltd can be @CloseParent

Product Review: Flexibath from Whitestep

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Baby baths are notorious for being bulky and difficult to store out of the way, especially if space is limited. We bought one before Little Man was born and finding somewhere to keep it when not in use was a bit of a nightmare, especially in a small flat. But when your baby is small its not really a good idea to put them in a big bath of water, with baby baths being a much safer option.

If you’re short on space, or if you’re looking for a portable bath you can take on holidays or when staying at family or friends, a Flexibath might just be what you need.

The Flexibath is the size of a traditional baby bath – perhaps even a little bigger – and provides a good sized and easy to use bath for newborns and babies. (It holds 39 litres of water when full.) The beauty of it is then when you’re finished you simply drain it using the plug in the base – a plug designed to be difficult for children to pull out – and fold it flat.
Just like that! There’s even a handy clip on the top to hold it flat so it can be slid conveniently under a bed or chest of drawers, or propped up in the corner of a bathroom until next time. It also fits easily into a suitcase for holidays and takes up minimal room in the car for overnight stays.

I was sent a Flexibath to test out with my 18 month old Little Man, as the bath is sold as suitable for use from birth to 4 years. If your child is happy to just sit in the bath then yes, I am sure you’ll fit a child of 2 years or more in there without a problem. Unfortunately my Little Man is more of a “walk around and wriggle about” kind of bather, so keeping him happy in this was a little tricky… and wet!

But do not fear! If you buy a Flexibath for your newborn – and I only wish I had when Little Man was born – it doesn’t become obsolete as soon as your child gets too big or starts moving around. The Flexibath makes a great toy box, or could be used for laundry. We even used ours to store books in until our Tidybooks Bookcase turned up, and it holds 100 plastic ball pit balls with ease. Away from using it for your children I think it would make an attractive colourful planter for your garden, and the transparent one with turquoise trim which we were sent to review could even be fashioned into a mini greenhouse to protect your seedlings during Britain’s dubious weather. A multitude of uses for a brilliant and ingenious product!

Flexibaths are available now from Whitestep but I have one to give away to a lucky SussexMummy reader. All you need to do is click here and fill in your details to be entered into the draw.  The competition closes on Friday May 4th at 8pm so get clicking!!

Product Review: Pillow Pets

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This spring sees the launch of the Original Pillow Pets in the UK, thanks to Mookie Toys.

At first glance this is just a large cuddly toy, but underneath is a small Velcro strap. If you undo that and secure the protective flap over, you are left with a large soft pillow. This makes an ideal pillow for on long journeys, or to use at nap time, or if you’re my Little Man something to lie on whilst you watch television.


I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at these at Toy Fair 2012 a few weeks ago. They are so soft and cuddly it was hard to put down, and since Little Man’s Monkey friend arrived in our house he’s had to fight Mummy and Daddy for cuddles with it!

There are a lot of similar style products on the market but this is the original, and without a doubt the best. Available in a range of styles – Panda, Penguin, Unicorn, Puppy, Monkey, Ladybird, Pig and Bee – you can pick up a Pillow Pet from Amazon, Toys R Us and other major retailers. They will soon be available direct from the Pillow Pets website.

Product Review: Julie Slater Leather Travel Card Holder

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As a blogger who regularly attends launch events and shows in London I spend a lot of time on trains. Driving into London is something I avoid unless totally essential, and with a direct train operating from my village station, it seems crazy not to make use of Southern Rail. I like to be organised when I go into London – I spend the evening before checking and double checking I have everything I’m going to need in my bag, and I am always convinced I’m going to either forget or lose my train ticket. I’m one of those people who has to check, double check and triple check I have event tickets with me even though I know I do, and I’m just the same with my travel tickets. Thanks to the lovely Julie Slater, I now know precisely where my train ticket is at all times!

How cute is this travel card holder? With two clear windows I can slip my train ticket in one side and my Oyster card in the other. If the travel card holder is in my bag, I know I’ve got my tickets. This keeps them safe and secure in my bag or pocket, and I’m much more likely to notice if I drop this than I am a flimsy train ticket. The lovely Daisy Chain print is just a bonus! The travel card holder is leather and the print features on the inside as well as the outside. It is the perfect travel accessory for any frequent traveller. You could also use it for your bus ticket, your ID card or your driving licence.

If you take a look around on Julie Slater’s website you’ll also find a huge selection of leather travel accessories in a range of gorgeous prints, as well as purses, wallets and bags. I am a huge fan of her new range of satchels… and my birthday is coming…

Take a look at the Julie Slater range now at her website and find her on Twitter @TeamJSlater