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Review: Vanish Stain Removers

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Home & Lifestyle, Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 27-03-2013

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Children are messy. Whatever they are doing, and no matter how clean and tidy you think they’ll remain, they always seem to end up in a mess. Eating is probably one of the worse – the endless stains on Little Man’s clothes are remarkable – but I think a nice walk is a close muddy second. And its not just their clothes. More often than not the carpet is the next thing to bear the brunt, usually melting chocolate or muddy footprints. And to be fair if its not them its us – spilling coffee or tea on the floor and causing epic stains. At least that was the case before Vanish got in touch.

Stains on clothes and carpets are an everyday occurrence in any house with a child, but thankfully the team at Vanish have come up with some great handy stain removal tips. They have great advice for getting a wealth of stains out of clothes and carpets using their tried and tested products. They cover a range of stains, from ketchup and chocolate, to mud and grass, and even blood and motor oil. Whether its been rubbing into your little ones clothes or is currently causing a pathway through your carpets, Vanish will help you get it out.

The team at Vanish sent me a selection of products to test out. Their Vanish Oxi Action Powder was the first and most frequent product to be tried. An innocent trip to the park generally means mud covered jeans and a treat of a chocolate biscuit always causing a brown melting stain to appear somewhere! Following the dosage instructions – 1 scoop for tough stains, 1/2 scoop for normal stains – I popped Little Man’s now brown jeans in the wash with a load of his other clothes. I washed them at 40 as I always do and hoped. Without Vanish in my wash mud stains can prove tricky. They always look like they’ve come out, but closer inspection usually highlights the remains of a stain which never seems to go. A scoop of Vanish in with my usual detergent left me with perfectly clean jeans and no trace of the mud. One food based stain we have most problems with is strawberry. Little Man loves them and would live on them if I let him. Unfortunately they are particularly juicy at the moment which generally leaves a lovely dribble of red down Little Man’s chin which tends to land on his top. Today that top was sadly white. What possessed me to buy my son a white tshirt I will never know, but there we are. Luckily for me Vanish had also sent me a tub of Oxy Action Crystal White Powder. Previous white tops or even coloured tops have been thrown out after a run in with some strawberries so I feared this tshirt would go the same way. Half a scoop in my wash with a few other white items and a standard wash later and I was thrilled to remove a clean white tshirt from my machine. There was no trace of any red left – it was like new.

My main fault with the house we live in is that when we bought it it came with cream carpets. In EVERY room. Replacing them is expensive and not a priority at the moment, so we have to live with slightly off-cream carpets now. Our lounge has patio doors on leading out into the garden and despite our best efforts with a door mat inside the garden does tend to find its way inside. And even though we have a huge mat at the front door the hall carpet has definitely seen better days. For spot cleaning on my carpet stains I’ve found nothing works as well as Vanish’s Oxi Action Carpet and Upholstery Spray. Its great on small stains, such as food or drink spills, and even grass stains. For larger areas like the hall which experience high levels of traffic then its best to use Vanish Powerfoam. Sprayed onto the hall carpet, worked in gently and then left for 2 hours before vacuuming, it came up cleaner than its been since we moved in and with a pleasant and fresh smell.

Stains are inevitable, especially with children, but thanks to Vanish they no longer need to be permanent.