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Water and Sensory Play with Munchkin

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 09-01-2015

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Long before Christmas we were sent a big box of Munchkin’s bath toys to play with. We are practically drowning in bath toys so I set about finding different things to do with them as well as adding them to the already bustling bath where there’s barely any room for the boys any more.

Water play was an obvious but popular choice with regards to Little Man. Being able to splash about in water with his new toys outside of bath time was lots of fun. Stood in his Little Helper at the kitchen sink or using a giant mixing bowl laid on a waterproof mat in the playroom and he was entertained for ages. Little Dude on the other hand much preferred playing with the bath toys on dry land, mainly with his mum not being keen on having him loitering around open bowls of water! Little Dude is all about the sensory play experience, and some of the Munchkin bath toys provided him with ample opportunity for this.

Here are our favourites from the box.

This Bath Shape Sorter is the ideal toy for out of the bath play and Little Dude was happy to oblige. It claims to be suitable from 18 months plus but it doesn’t strike me as particularly dangerous to me. Admittedly Little Dude can’t get the pieces in the right holes – by choice anyway – but he does love bashing the pieces about and having a bit of a chew on them. Little Man thinks this is great fun mainly because to him it looks like our tortoise Oscar!

These Float & Play Balls have never made it near water, instead spending most of their life being shaken, rolled and cuddled by Little Dude. He’s a big fan of sensory balls and these are a brilliant version which can be used in and out of the bath. They are a great size for his little hands to grab and he loves watching the spinner fly around or the penguin bounce about.

We put the Swimming Bath Bugs in Little Man’s Christmas stocking and they’ve been enjoyed by both the boys at bath time. A quick pull on the tail – something which Little Man can do himself which is essential for bath toys – and the wings spin around and the bug swim all round the bath. They dart around for a great length of time in a kamikaze fashion which Little Dude tries to catch them.


Pour and Strain Whales are ideal for water play, and I can see them getting used in the garden in the summer for outdoor water play. Pouring water from whale to whale, or just watching the water fall through the holes is great fun for Little Man, and when he’s doing it in the playroom Little Dude loves to sit and watch giving mummy five minutes to make a cup of tea. Bring on the summer.

A surprise hit were the Cupcake Bath Squirters. Little Man likes to make as much watery mess as he can in the bath but he’s yet to discover the squirting ability of these cakes. Instead these play a crucial role in his provision of tea and cake in the bath. Apparently its the best place to play with these cakes and his tea set. Who knew eh?



Review: New From Munchkin

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 18-03-2013

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Munchkin is a brand I’ve featured a few times on my website. They produce consistently quality products, and these two additions to their range are no exception.

Tug Along Boat
I seem to review a lot of bath toys, but its a great fun time of day, and in our house its Daddy’s job and a lovely opportunity for father son bonding. Daddy has been saying for a while that Little Man needed a boat for the bath, something I’m surprised in hindsight that we’ve got this far without. When Munchkin offered us this Tug Along Boat to review I couldn’t say no.
This brightly coloured boat comes with a red raft which attaches to the back or can be used independently. The boat itself has holes in the top to collect water which can then be poured out through the wheel at the front. The green handle is a great size for both children and adults alike so everyone can get involved with the water play. Beneath the handle you can see through to where the water collects and its made to look like a glass bottomed boat, giving a great view of some fish. The boat comes with two water squirting crew members – a penguin and a seal – who man the craft and also add an extra fun dimension. Little Man loves playing with this boat at bath time. He steers it around the bath with the handle and pours lots of water out past the wheel. Water squirters are always popular so these are much loved too – just remember to take cover if you’re in the bathroom with him!!

Click Lock Bento Mealtime Set
This mini version of a Bento Box is incredibly cute and functional. We like to go on picnics when the weather allows or if we’re out at a zoo or theme park, and Little Man will be heading off to preschool in September (Eeek!) so some kind of lunch box was going to be needed. This is perfect.
The box comes with three compartments – a main area for sandwiches or something savoury, and then two smaller compartments for fruit, vegetables or even yogurt. Each compartment has its own lid, and the two smallest ones have removable inserts for easy cleaning. Fitted into the main lid are a toddler sized fork and spoon, and there is a space on the base to write your child’s name. This Bento box is part of the popular Click Lock range, so once you hear the click upon securing the lid, you know its fastened and nothing will be escaping. I am a big fan of this and can see it getting lots of use for years to come – I just wish they did one in my size!!

You can find these, and the rest of the Munchkin range online.