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Preparing For Baby: Nappy Changing

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Preparing For Baby | Posted on 03-02-2014

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Ah nappies. With Little Man having been potty trained and dry for months now I can honestly say I haven’t missed nappy changing. In the early days of potty training we did comment that putting one on him for long car journeys would be nice – there was a small incident in the rain on the hard shoulder of the M42 that we don’t talk about… – but on the whole, nappies are long forgotten and not something I’m looking forward too with Little Dude.

With Little Man we mostly used disposables, though we did enjoy testing out some washables from both Bambino Mio and gNappies. With Little Dude we are definitely going to start off with disposables and see how we go. I can’t bear the idea of washing those first few nappies and whilst I get to grips with the concept of having a newborn in the house again additional washing isn’t something I relish.

With Little Man we used big name brands to start with, but he suffered terribly with nappy rash, and his bottom would go from clear to neon within a few hours no matter how often I changed him. When we changed brands the rash cleared up and we also found we had no more leaking either. In preparation for Little Dude’s appearance in May therefore, we’re stocking up and with the Baby Event now on at Asda there’s no better time to bulk buy.

Little Angels nappies are brilliant. We’ve found no better. They kept Little Man dry, comfortable, leak free and didn’t cost us a fortune. Their Newborn nappies are currently just £3.97 for a pack of 44 and you can get a box of 80 for just £6. The size one nappies also come with a notch cut out the front of them to keep the umbilical cord safe till it drops off – a great feature that they didn’t have when Little Man was first born. I’m looking forward to testing these out on Little Dude, and I’ll be sure to pack plenty of this first size in my hospital bag when the time comes.

Little Angels also do wipes – something we mum’s seem to be constantly buying. You can get 12 packs of 64 wipes that are suitable from birth for just £8, making them a penny a wipe and cheaper than the leading brands. We never had any trouble with these wipes and I love that the packets have plastic lids so they get sealed properly and don’t dry out. Handy when you’re bleary eyed at 3am!

little angels cosy play nappy changing sussex mummy

As far as changing mats go, I have splashed out a little for Little Dude. One of Little Man’s least favourite activities when he was tiny was having his nappy changed after a bath. He was already wet and cold and was being put down on a cold plastic changing mat. Needless to say there was screaming. And to me, they never looked the most comfortable of things either. You may recall us reviewing the Cosyplay Play Mat which we absolutely loved, and which I so look forward to getting out again when Little Dude turns up. Well they now do a matching Changing Mat which is made from the same super comfy memory foam and has the same soft washable cover. Yes its a little more pricey than your average changing mat, but it is SO comfortable that I couldn’t resist. I bought one of these a few weeks ago and got myself a spare cover too – I have lots of memories of little boys peeing everywhere at nappy change time – and I’m sure Little Dude will appreciate the comfort when he gets changed.

Potty Training Kit

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 04-06-2012

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When Little Man turned 18 months old the mailing list emails I was getting from baby clubs and baby companies suddenly all started talking about potty training. The idea of potty training is one that has filled me with dread from day one (and quite possibly before that!) so I was surprised to see that it was something that I needed to start thinking about now. I could definitely see the positives of doing it in the summer – lots of running about the garden nappy free in the sun – but the idea of doing it at all scared the life out of me, mostly due to my pale cream carpets. So I started doing some research into ideas and methods, and then looked at the bits and pieces that were out there to make the job easier. We’d already picked up a couple of potties at Nearly New Sales but I liked the idea of have one in all  main rooms, so I was after more. I got pretty overwhelmed by the whole thing, then realised it was probably one of those daunting events for all parents. So I decided to create a “Potty Training Kit” of items which I think you should have at home ready for the day your little one decides its time to stop using nappies, because it could just happen overnight. For those interested, it hasn’t happened here yet. I’m still hoping it wont!

Potties: An obvious one to start with! I have three potties in the house. One in the lounge, one in the main bathroom upstairs, and one in the downstairs bathroom. I’m thinking I might get a fourth for Little Man’s bedroom. I picked up a couple of Ikea potties at a Nearly New Sale – plain basic designs – but you an get a perfectly viable new potty from Asda for just 98p. If you’re after something a little fancier I do like the Smart Potty from Baby Bjorn. It has a splash guard at the front – essential for little boys – and the bowl itself lifts out for quick, easy and hygienic cleaning. Its compact size is also a plus as it fits neatly next to the toilet in the bathroom without being a trip hazard. Whilst Little Man hasn’t “used” it yet, he has managed to sit on it and get off again with ease – fully clothed admittedly!

Potty Seat: You might not want potties dotted about the place or your little one might decide, probably after you’ve bought a selection of potties, that they want to use the big toilet. Obviously you can’t just sit your toddler on the toilet due to the size of the seat, so you’ll need to get some Potty Seats which sit neatly on top of the toilet making it a more appropriate size. There are a wide range available, including ones that come with built in ladders to help your child on their way, but I like this simple design from Munchkin. It has rubber edges to keep it secure on the seat so there’s no slipping when your little one climbs on, it has the necessary deflector at the front, a gentle backrest for optimum comfort, and two handles for security.

Just For Boys: This rather amusing looking piece of kit was discovered when I searched to see if there was gender specific potty training equipment. Obviously with little boys and little girls having different “plumbing” and different methods of going to the toilet I was sure there’d be something, and here it is – the Tippitoes Boys Toilet Trainer. Once your little boy has mastered the art of sitting down to wee, he then needs to figure out that standing up to do it is what the big boys do. This task is being left up to Daddy in our house – I wouldn’t know where to begin with this one – and this product looks like a good idea… assuming their aim is reasonable! The Toilet Trainer fits on all standard toilet seats using the adjustable clip and can be emptied easily afterwards. Its designed to hold a full toddlers bladder – oh how I look forward to testing THAT out – and sits at the ideal height for little boys.

Step: I think a little step in the bathroom is essential, whether you’re using potties or a seat. Reaching the toilet itself will be impossible without the step – unless you get the seat with built-in ladder of course – but also you need to start making sure hands are washed after they’ve been. A step like this will make this possible, and will also help with reaching the sink to brush their teeth. If you have a tiled or lino floor – I have the same ridiculous cream carpet everywhere, including the bathrooms!! – then you want to make sure the step comes with non-slip feet. This Safe Step from Baby Bjorn has just that – non-slip feet for the floor, and a non-slip top so your little one will be safe, even with wet feet. Its also well sized so that your child can carry it around with them. Little Man likes to move it about the bathroom, sitting on it when he brushes his teeth, and standing on it when his bath is being run so he gets a better view. It also matches the Smart Potty nicely.

Wipes: With trips to the potty or toilet comes the need for bottom wiping. With your little one being used to the comfort of moist baby wipes since birth its a good idea to stock up on Toilet Training Wipes. These ensure bottoms are cleaned properly, but are also suitable for hands too. Available With or Without Fragrance they are gentle against delicate skin, and are available from all leading retailers. I like these cute designs from Asda though.

Pull Up Pants: Nappies are officially a thing of the past once potty training begins and its important that you stick to that. Obviously you need some form of protection against accidents so pull up pants are a must have. Similar to nappies in that they have a level of absorption, they go on like underwear with your little one stepping into them as opposed to being wrestled to the ground for nappy change – just me? Huggies lead the way in Pull Up Pants, but I’ll be sticking to the value and success we’ve had from Asda. They sell “First Pants” which have tear away sides for removal and provide protection against any leaks. I’ll certainly be making sure I’m well stocked with these before we take the step to toilet training.

Out & About: At some point during your potty training you’re going to have to leave the privacy of your own home. Whether it be going out in the pram or for a trip in the car your little one is probably going to have an accident. Keeping a potty in the car will help with that – travel potties such as the My Carry Potty are a popular choice – but if you want that added bit of protection I recommend one of these: A Potty Training Mat For Car Seat or Buggy sold at JoJo Maman Bebe. This attaches into the car seat or buggy and protects it from any accidents. The vinyl backing ensures that the seat remains dry so they don’t have to travel around in a puddle. I think this is a great idea for potty training on the move but also for day to day usage to protect seats from spills from drinks cups or leaking nappies before potty training begins.



What’s New At Asda?

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 22-03-2012

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My love of Asda won’t come as news to any of you. I get my food delivered by them every week, and I spend my time drooling over the beautiful clothes in George for me, and then inevitably go off and buy something for Little Man instead. I love keeping an eye out for new products for Little Man, and I have three here to show you.

Annabel Karmel Porridge & Apple Biscuit Bakes
When these appeared on my doormat I was a little sceptical. The idea of biscuits that taste of porridge was a bit “out there” for me – surely the only thing tasting of porridge should be porridge in a bowl? Apparently not. I nervously handed one over to Little Man, half expecting it to be spat back out at me, and watched in amazement as he finished it off, and promptly requested “More?”.
Being Annabel Karmel endorsed you know these biscuits will be perfect for little children. They can be eaten as they are from 12 month, but can be mixed with their usual milk earlier than that for breakfast. They come in a box of 5 handy 3 portion packs, so can be slipped into a bag or a coat pocket for outings and walks.

Annabel Karmel Carrot & Sweetcorn Rice & Corn Snacks
My Little Man hates rice cakes. He always has. He chews them for a while, then spits it out, usually whilst moving around the room. In fact the only rice cake I have ever seen him finish is one belonging to his girlfriend – but other peoples food always is nicer isn’t it? Due to this I wasn’t really expecting him to appreciate these, and to be honest I was planning on handing them over to his rice cake loving girlfriend when we next saw her.
One evening dinner was unusually rejected – one of those days all round – so instead of giving him some fruit instead I thought I’d stick to the savoury idea and opened these Rice & Corn Snacks. Half a pack later it turns out that he now DOES like rice cakes! Another snack time winner for us!

Little Angels Baby Wipes with Built-In Pot Of Nappy Cream
Nappy rash is a bit of a nightmare in our house. Little Man doesn’t get it very often, but when he does it tends to flare up out of nowhere. It often goes from none existent to intensely painful within half an hour. When I’m at home that’s no problem – Sudocrem at the ready – but when I’m out its a nightmare as I have invariably forgotten our spare pot. Asda have come up with a brilliant solution.
Their new design baby wipes now come with a small pot of nappy cream built it. It’s not impregnated on every wipe, it is simply a small pot built into the packet which sits alongside the opening for the wipes. You can’t open the nappy cream pot without opening the wipes so there is no danger of spillage within your bag. Both lids are very securely fastened. Whilst I did think this might be a gimmick I was proved wrong just earlier today when I changed my Little Man’s nappy at our local supermarket and lo and behold one red bottom, and no pot of nappy cream. I then remembered that I’d popped the new Little Angels wipes in my changing bag and there was my nappy cream. Result! Not only is it convenient it also works, which to be honest is the most important thing. A layer was applied to Little Man’s bottom and at the next change the redness has gone down already. Genius product.